God loves you sign latest

Our God loves you sign has been up in various forms since 2005 and is changed regularly, with requests from people from all over the Island. if you would like to nominate a healthcare hero or key worker during this difficult time, or even see your own name up, contact us through our Facebook page or email officectriow@gmail.com

This shows our newly added multi racial people

The latest sign is one that we have added to a few times. It started as a map of the world, demonstrating that God loves the whole world, as Jesus famously says in John’s Gospel chapter 3, verse 16.
We then added boats, eagles, trees and more to it.
Now most recently, we have added a line of 8 people of all nationalities, spanning the continents. We want this to be a clear visual that God loves people of a nationalities right across the world. Where racism still abounds in some quarters, we believe that this is a powerful and significant statement.

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