Gina & Chris in Haywards Heath

Hi everyone, you are probably wondering why Gina and I weren’t at church on Sunday 11th April, well we were in Haywards Heath.

‘Why?’ I hear you ask, well we went there last year in June after God had shown us that we were to go and listen to a man’s testimony, his name was Craig Marsh.  His testimony is amazing, here is a link to his website

Anyway after hearing his testimony Gina went up for prayer, most of you know what has been going on in our lives, but for those who don’t.  Gina was diagnosed with Cancer in the Colon and Metastatic desease to the liver in March 2008.  She underwent 6 months of Chemotherapy and then had major bowl and liver surgery, where they removed all the cancer they could see, this was in Oct 2008.  In 2009 Gina was told that they had discovered some spots in her lungs and that they suspected the liver also had cancer again as there was a build up of fluid around it.  Again they recomemended more chemotherapy, but this time it would only be to keep her alive a bit longer, as there was nothing they could do.  Gina turned it down.

In June 2009, Gina and I went to Haywards Heath to hear Craig’s testimony and afterwards Gina went forward for prayer, during this time she was carrying about a stone of fluid in her abdomen and was really ill.  That night we went back to our host’s home and went to sleep.  The next day Gina got up and all the fluid had gone.  The liver specialist said that it was unusual for it to go like that and usually takes months of drains and tablets.  Praise God!  One of the things she asked for prayer for was that we would be able to have a baby, because this was virtually impossible.  In Oct 2009, Gina found out that she was pregnant and is now in her 23rd week.

Ok, so that is the story so far.  Last weekend (11th April 2010) we went back to Haywards Heath to share with the church, that had organised the healing mission, what God had done and Craig flew over from Newzealand for the weekend too.  After Gina had shared, Craig spoke about God giving people a particular moment in time to meet with him and that they are real turning points and that Gina had one in June 2009.  After he spoke he did an alter call and nearly 30 people went forward to give their lives to God, then more went up for prayer.  Gina and I were really encouraged, because there was a man there who had never been to church, but his wife had been praying for him for years, he also had a very bad heart problem and it had afftected his legs and he couldn’t walk without a stick.  He heard Gina’s story and at the point of her telling them about her prognosis, he was touched and decided to give his life to God.  God also started in him a healing work and he walked out of the church not needing his stick.


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