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The Book Club is committed to reading the 27 life changing books that make up New Testament at the rate of one chapter each week day.
The aim is to inspire, encourage and challenge each other to get the most out of these God’s words to us.
it is helpful not to read it in isolation, so we have aThere is a daily chapter forum on our Church members Facebook group. Also we are setting up Book Groups. if you would like more information about these, contact Tony, church leader on 07584667879

Book Club explained

Yes, but how? (YBH?) do you read your chapter?
I read my Bible in the 10-15 minutes it often takes for my computer server to load” (Kevin)
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere!” (David)
I let my YouVersion App read it to me first thing in the morning and always before a challenging day at work” (Sally)
If I am driving somewhere, I often take the opportunity to listen to a larger chunk of Bible, to give a good overview and context” (Tony)

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