Livestream service (Sun 17th May)

Just click here to be a part of another really inspirational time

Live stream church (10th May)

This service has it all, great music from various living rooms, A Lily Jo video “Unstoppable kids” video and a message of light in the darkness and much more

Livestream service 3rd May 2020

CLICK Another great morning from (not) on the roundabout with music from 3 living rooms, a message from singer/songwriter/ counsellor Lily Jo and Ian & Marianne Johnson of telling us how they are responding to covid-19 in Cameroon. Plus much more…

Livestream service from 26th April

A morning of music from 3 different locations, puppets for the kids and church leader Tony Murphy speaking on “10 lessons I’ve learned in lockdown in 10 minutes” CLICK on this link for the service (no Facebook account is needed)

Live stream service 19th April 2020

This one comes live from Tony & Sally’s living room, with a video quiz and music from Rick in Newport and Tony & Suzie from Wootton. Also input from Ian in the middle of Brighstone Forest and the sermon is from Paul in the wilds […]

Online service (audio) 22/3/20

Here’s this morning’s online service. It includes a time of communion and a message.For the communion time, we would encourage you to get some bread and a drink of any type and take communion as you listen.Next week we hope to have a video too. […]

Jesus’ gift to us

Jesus gift to us

Transcript You know, if I was talking about Carl this morning it would be a little bit awkward because I’ll be speaking as in the third person, I’d be talking about him, but he’s actually here.   And so this morning we’re going to be speaking […]

Lazarus Connecting with Jesus

Lazarus: Connecting with Jesus

Transcript …to you just now and that is that we live in a world, don’t we, that’s so fast-moving and so wants to recreate things that seemingly, people are trying to tell us have never been created before. Do you get that impression, that we […]

The Dunamis Difference

The Dunamis Difference

Transcript He’s seeing to his needs, bringing the word of God and he’s in it all. You know, it’s wonderful to feel his presence so much, so strongly, in our lives. This morning when I was reading over my word and it was just like […]

Introducing James

Well, well done everybody for coming. We did actually consider cancelling this morning, so good job we didn’t. Well done everybody! As a church we’ve been reading through the New Testament together, so this weekend’s reading covers the chapter 1 of James. We’re going to […]

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