Livestream Church in the sun (18th July 2021)

We celebrated the heat wave by declaring this one “Water Sunday” and reminding ourselves that Jesus is the living water. Just click on the title, then on this link. Enjoy x

Livestream church 4th July 2021

Today Tony introduces a new season of restoration at the church. To watch, click on the title and then this link

13th June 2021: Church in the sun!

Includes an encouraging message from school pastors coordinator Sally Murphy and great music led by Rick Scott.Click on the title above, then click here to watch

Livestream Easter Day outdoor celebration April 2021

CLICK here to watch x

Livestream Christingle 13th Dec 2020

Join us for this super-Christmasssy, great fun and meaningful Christingle service. Click on the title, then on this link you want to join in the making too, then all you will need is an orange, a candle, 4 cocktail sticks, a piece of red […]

Livestream outdoor church (6th Sept)

Our 3rd consecutive Sunday outdoors. We are loving it, hope you do too… To watch CLICK

Livestream outdoor church (30th August)


Livestream church (16th Aug)

This was a landmark week, as it was the first one back in the building, with a very small “studio congregation” plus a much larger online crowd. We think it was a solid start and full of good news! Click here to watch

Livestream Church (2nd Aug 2020)

Warning this contains great music, amazing testimony and an invitation to know Jesus as your Lord and Saviour x

Livestream Church (19th July)

This week’s service has a fun quiz for the kids and a really good talk from renowned Evangelical Alliance national speaker

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