Blogging Elim100 Leaders Summit 2015

IMG_20150513_122946789Well I have to say, Harrogate International Centre was a top setting for a top conference. Yes there was a lot of talk about 100 years of the Elim Movement, but the real emphasis was, as one speaker put it, “The God of NOW“.

We were reminded that Elim, rather than being a denomination was a movement, hearing words such as momentum, change and flexibility as we move forwards, with Mission as a priority. I like this!

I have to say, the worship music by ElimSound was immense. Some of the songs played we are certainly going to attempt back on the IOW, particularly “No longer I” and “The great I am

We were encouraged to look beyond having a great church, to having a great city and a great nation. On that subject, it was such a privilege to hear from delegates from the Church of Pentecost in Ghana, where they have 2 million plus members, including 20 MPs.

We heard about Sir Edmund Hilary. He conquered Everest where 11 other expeditions had failed because he found new radical approaches, such as triple insulated boots and oxygen. “The old (Elim) way was to find a new way.” Good to be reminded of that.

John Glass told us that moving forwards is like driving a car. Of course we look in the rear view mirror, but most of the time we look through the front windscreen. Never the sunroof! Going forward is about “obeDIEnce“, the unpopular notion of “dying to self” (Mat 16v24), that is dying to my power over my destiny and the opinion of others.

There were times this conference when the Holy Spirit, described as an “an unstoppable force” and “always on the move” came in real power. I learned that when at these times, not to move from that spot, that thought, that place. The Holy Spirit is likened to a dove, which will only settle on us when we are still and continue to be. As these moments come, I need to learn to stay still, lose thoughts that I was thinking and notes I wanted to write, thoughts of people I wanted to talk to … and let him fill me, because THAT, not the other things is what empowers any movement and me personally to continue to move forward…


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