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Stuart from Southern Water is with us this morning. He reckons he can get you 20% off your bill! https://t.co/gLduPzEq2Z

πŸ“– From today's chapter *Acts 10*
"Peter went up on the roof to pray"
and that is when his adventure started.
πŸ’₯Find a place, pray... and let your adventure begin

πŸ“– In today's chapter *Acts 9* read how Saul went from persecutor to preacher.

πŸ™ Pray for today's persecuted church @OpenDoorsUK https://t.co/eG4TJmV087

πŸ“– Today's chapter *Acts 8*
"They prayed for the new believers there that they might receive the Holy Spirit"
πŸ™ Please fill me today with your Holy Spirit. Amen

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In our opinion, the most important thing that any human being can have is a living and active relationship with God. This is only one prayer away and is absolutely transforming, bringing life in all it’s fullness and hope for eternity. This is a suggested […]

Beating depression

Musician Jules Riding was with us on Sunday, sharing his story and songs about how God helped him to beat the hold of depression on his life. You can watch it here

12–16th June: FRINGE FEST

Over the Isle of Wight festival dates, we will be running our annual Fringe Fest. It is a place where festival goers and locals can come and chill out, get a bit of tlc, refreshments, wifi and phone charging , all for free πŸ™‚

Food Forest latest

This is a group, working in partnership with Church and IW Foodbank, with a vision to grow sustainable food for the community on Barton Green, next door to the church.Since the church took on the lease for the upkeep of Barton Green, we have worked […]

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