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God filled, fun and welcoming everyone


🎵Another great Lily Jo song https://t.co/wunTc4Ujd4
Concert tickets still available from church

📖 Todays chapter *JOHN 17* (Jesus prays...)

📖 Today's chapter *JOHN 16*

🖥️Please watch Sally's short talk on church money and prayerfully consider a response


📖 Today's chapter *JOHN 15* "Remain in me" (Jesus)

📽️ Sunday's sermon on the above

Our new God loves you sign is going to be awesome. Watch this space...

📖 *JOHN 14* (Jesus, the way, the truth, the life)

🙏Please pray for Persecuted Christians in Afghanistan @OpenDoorsUK https://t.co/DUkV33HrzM

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Youth Night Castle


Sunday Funday A fun place for children to learn and play games during the second half of the church service. A fun environment that children will want to come back to again and again. Big on prizes, sweets, lollies & fun. 3 groups, broadly by […]

Sunday Services*

We run two services every Sunday (*Please check calendar, especially during summer months!), with coffee before, during and after! 9:30-10.15am: A quiet reflective service. 11am-12.15pm: A family friendly service, with Sunday Funday for 5-16 year olds and facilities for under 5’s. Free Parking is available […]

Foodbank Cafe

We host the Newport Foodbank Cafe, open Wednesday and Friday 10am-1pm. For more information about Foodbank on the Isle of Wight, please visit http://isleofwight.foodbank.org.uk/ The cafe is open to anyone, so come along and have a tea or coffee, surf the web on our free computers, you would be […]

Coppins Community Food Forest

This is group, working in partnership with Church and IW Foodbank, with a vision to grow sustainable food for the community on Barton Green, next door to the church. Since the church took on the lease for the upkeep of Barton Green, we have worked […]

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